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English, French, German, Italian, and Romanian, in any combination. More upon request.



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 text trade - the translation service


Our terms are your terms. Send us your version of contract for the service providers and, unless there are very unusual clauses in it, we shall probably accept it as it is. Please include a clause with the sense of the disclaimer hereinafter.

Our tariffs vary only with the project size and format, not with the pair of languages. Send a sample of your document and the estimated total number of words and we'll make you a concrete offer.

As our main specialty are the technical translations, we are also familiar with the most strict clauses of confidentiality.


Disclaimer: The Client is the owner of all the rights on the translation and the only one to decide how it will be used. Therefore, the Client takes the full responsibility for any and all consequences of any and all uses of  the translation and agrees hold the Translator harmless from any and all losses, claims, damages, expenses or liabilities resulting from any and all uses of the translation.